Hi, my name is Dr Simhachala Thamarana. I’m the founder of the UGC NET English Online portal.

Dr Simhachalam Thamarana is a founder / facilitator (Online) UGC NET English Online. Received M. A., B. Ed and PhD in English from Andhra University, INDIA. Qualified for UGC NET JRF and SRF Awards; and has been working in the field of English Language and Literature Teaching using ICT and Multimedia Technologies for more than 08 years.

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The book ‘The Ultimate English Literature MCQs for All Competitive Examinations’ provides most indispensable English literature knowledge in the form of Solved MCQs targeting all kinds of Exams such as Entrance Tests of PhD., M. Phil., MA., BA. (English), AP English Literature & Composition (Advanced Placements-USA), GRE / GCSE (General Cert for Secondary Education) Literature in English; and International Baccalaureate (IBDP)-Group-I Studies in Language and Literature in various countries and UGC NET JRF / Lectureship, all State Level Eligibility Tests (India)..

Welcome to the dynamic field of English Language Teaching (ELT) with “Mastering ELT: Comprehensive Guide through Solved and Explained MCQs”. Crafted for teachers and students alike, this guide is your stepping stone to ELT mastery.Dive into 400 thoughtfully curated Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that span from foundational theories to advanced methodologies in ELT. Each question is more than just a query— it’s a learning experience, bolstered by detailed explanations and practical applications.This book is more than just a one-time read—it’s an evolving resource. Anticipate expanded content in future editions, infusing fresh questions and updated methodologies. Available in both Kindle and Paperback versions, “Mastering ELT” offers you the chance to deepen your understanding of ELT, hone your skills, and elevate your teaching journey. Welcome aboard on this exciting voyage!

Successful speakers and writers utilize rhetoric knowingly or unknowingly, an art that enables effective communication and persuasion. Essential in various professional fields like business, politics, law, and media, rhetoric employs techniques to influence and persuade through emotions, logic, and ethics. Learning this vital skill can enhance your ability to convince others, whether it’s to support a cause or buy a product.

In “RHETORIC: TECHNIQUES TO SPEAK WELL AND WRITE BETTER,” authors Dr. Rajendra Kumar Dash and Dr. Simhachalam Thamarana define rhetorical devices and provide examples along with 100 exercises to test understanding. Space is also available to write down your examples of rhetoric. The authors assure that this book will empower readers to communicate effectively, persuading others in various personal and professional contexts. Practice thoroughly to excel in your field.

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